Mont Plonk

21 JUNE - 16 JULY

Welcome to a place where the only thing cheesier than the fondue are our ski suits. 

A place where ski bunnies roam free and shot skis go down faster than a Nowegian on a luge. 

Welcome to Melbourne Public's first and finest apres ski destination.

Welcome to Mont Plonk at Melbourne Public.

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Food Specials

4-7pm - $1 Natural Oysters

Drink Specials

4-9pm - $10 Espresso Martinis


5-9pm - DJ Scotty

9-11pm - Live Band - MP3

Playing old school grooves & classic hits

lunch club

Welcome to Lunch Club.

The first rule of Lunch Club is: Join The Club.


And that’s pretty much the only rule actually. Lunch Club is MP’s way of delivering a high-standard and large portion-sized meal, but with a more lunch appropriate price tag.

For $18 you can wolf down any dish from our ‘Classics’ range, including a: Beef Burger, Steak Sandwich, Chicken Parmigiana, Veal Schnitzel and Beer Battered Fish & Chips.

So, grab your mates & colleagues, and make Lunch Club your regular catch-up destination.

Available Mon-Thurs, 12-3pm.



Instagram Really Happy Hour.jpg

REALLY Happy Hour - for when your typical 'Happy Hour' just isn't enough.


Big day? Need to add a little alcohol and caffeine infused pep to your step? We have $10 Espresso Martinis from 4-7pm Mon-Fri. 

The MP Team have also been trialing different liquors, spices and fragrances to bring you a range of carefully curated flavoured Espresso Martinis - which include anything & everything from a Fireball to a Salted Caramel. Just ask our bar staff for the flavour of week!