Arriving at the Roman Tannery in Laverton was like stepping from a dilapidated urban street of Melbourne straight into a cloud – a soft, fluffy cloud that you never want to leave. Instead of refusing to leave (which was likely to initiate a few issues) we simply took half of its contents, and moved it all to our terrace at Melbourne Public to create Mont Plonk.

Roman Tannery is owned by Ugg Australia®, the ONLY 100% Australian made sheepskin footwear manufacturer. This may surprise you, and it did us too. What about the Ugg shop next door at the DFO with a 100% Australian made sign outside? What about that place in the city that sells thousands of stock to tourists with a guarantee that they are 100% Australia made? We’re sorry to break it to you – but there is no way of knowing where these have come from (probably China), unless purchased from Ugg Australia®.

If that wasn’t reason enough, here are a few more reasons to buy Ugg Australia®:

  1. Keeping It Local – Ugg Australia® has established close relationships with local suppliers, and try to keep their suppliers Australian and support as many Australian family run businesses as they can
  2. Sustainability - All hides are the by-product of farming processes, sourced sustainably and produced ecologically
  3. No Chemicals - In Australia we have the second highest EPA standard in the world which means that Ugg Australia skins are not treated with dangerous/harsh chemicals (which others are) – and therefore safer for your skin and children

We all love a good rags-to-riches story, and this tale is no different. A family run business, Ugg Australia® was created by the gorgeous Roman & Luda Fishman after fleeing Soviet Russia 36 years ago. Despite every challenge, they are determined to ensure that the company they started all those years ago, with only $60 and a few second-hand sewing machines, will continue to manufacture in Australia. Ugg Australia® currently employs 60 people and plan to employ 60 more, and they also won their highly-contested trademark of Ugg Australia® after almost a decade in dispute.

So, are your Uggs real? A few ways to find out…

  • Shape - Do they hold their shape?
  • Longevity - Have they lasted for at least 5-10 years, or even 30 years? In the long run their ugg boots should last 2 -3 times longer than cheap ugg boots in Australia
  • The Golden Label - Look for the golden label in the left boot which is in all their authentic Ugg Australia® boots

Devastated to find out that yours aren’t real? We have an exclusive offer from Ugg Australia® for a 10% discount. Just click here to get in touch them them for your unique code. 

Want to meet them? Ugg Australia® love to meet their customers and show you where your boots are actually made! Book a tour and go behind the scenes at the tannery – it’s such a great experience! Just click here to book a tour.