Overwhelmed, stressed and finding it difficult to quieten your brain in order to be pragmatic and productive? Then journaling could be just the thing for you.

But first, let's address the common misconceptions about journaling:

"It'll take too long, how am I meant to find the time?"

"It should be a piece of literary art... but I'm not a great writer."

"Dear Diary?' It's an odd thing to do - people will think I'm weird."

Luckily, gone are the days of journaling being skeptically considered a self-indulgent, time wasting activity. Journaling is proven to evoke mindfulness, help you achieve goals, spark your creativity and improve your emotional intelligence. Plus, it only takes 5 minutes a day, and can be done from wherever you are. It could possibly be the smallest habit change that could actually impact your life in the biggest way.

For more details on the extensive benefits check out this article from the Huffington Post.

Here are our recommended headers for your daily journal:


You've probably heard this one being bounced around a lot at the moment. Focusing on what you are grateful for, or reprogramming your negative thought patterns, is meant to help you sleep better, increase mental strength, improve physical and psychological health... the list goes on. So we begin our journals with 3 things that we are grateful for that day. We take a moment for each point, to really consider and appreciate it/them.

journal gratitude


We then take a second to consider how we are feeling today. Are we happy, anxious, stressed, tired? Or, some people like to assimilate how they are feeling to a colour.



What is going on in your life that isn't making you happy or constricting how productive you are being? It could be something you can work on, or something you have no control over. The point is just to be mindful of it and note it down.



After the above point, it's good to focus on a positive, and what is working for you in your life.


5. 1 THING

Here we write down one thing that we will get done by the end of the day. This could be finally sending that thank you note you've been meaning to write, or ticking that something off your work 'to do' list that has been sitting there for a while.



We've also been playing around with the idea of the 'word of the month' - a word that will ground you and focus your mind. Repeating this by writing it down daily will help to reiterate it. This can be words like; believe, productivity, delegation etc.


What's the harm in giving it a go? Just head down to Kikki K, grab yourself a fancy new notebook - and try it for a week. Let us know how you get on!