Christmas - the most wonderful time of the year... but also the most exhausting. Finding yourself with a 'must-attend' event every night of the week, plus a heavy workload AND still need to buy all of your Christmas presents? We have a few tips to ensure that you make it through the festive season unscathed and with your health intact.


In-Between Events:


Nothing beats a 20 minute meditation at lunchtime. So, whether you sit outside or grab a private place in your office, plug your headphones into your meditation app or just relax - this can revitalize you as much as a sleep. And if you do fall asleep... so what? 'Medisleep' is totally on trend right now...


Coconut water is a great re-hydrator. Alcohol will leave your body low in essential salts and the electrolytes in coconut water make it a great, quick and easy hydration booster. Two litres of water is also the minimum you should be drinking every day.


On non-event nights, make sure you are tucked up early in bed. Rejuvenating your body when you can is so important during this time.

Eat Well

Events do not always provide the most nutritious food, so make sure you stock up on veggies during the day.

Eating before an event is also a good idea, as you can never be sure how much food you will be provided at the event. This way, if you are full before you arrive, you're not drinking on an empty stomach AND you're not constantly scouting the room for the next tray of canapes - win, win.


At Events:


We know it's difficult, but having a glass of water between alcoholic drinks really can make all the difference. Not only does it actually prevent you from drinking so much, so quickly, but it also keeps you hydrated - so the hangover is likely to be a lot less extreme.

Leave Early

If possible, leave events as early as is appropriate. There is a certain time when people start dropping off and only the most intoxicated stay. Therefore, you will not be missing out on any possible networking opportunities, you'll just be missing a sore head in the morning. Don't feel as though you have to stay until the very end, no-one will notice... Christmas is no time to be getting #FOMO.


'Silly season' doesn't have to be so silly - just follow these tips and you'll be flying through it, all the way to New Year.